At Hydro Component Systems we use what we sell, every day.

For the past 30 years, HCS has been a pioneer in debris capture solutions for water intake environments. HCS understands its customers’ needs because it not only manufactures both trash racks and trash rakers* (manual- or automatic-controlled models available) it sells, it also uses them every day at its own hydroelectric plants. Customers receive the benefits of HCS’ own in-field research and development and hands-on experience.

The company has helped other companies around the world in a range of industries gain a competitive advantage through increased efficiency and reduced downtime.

HCS trash rack and raker* systems are ideal for:

  • Intake Screens
  • Cooling Water Screens
  • Storm Water Overflows
  • Culvert and Drainage Underflows
  • Headworks
  • Flow Straighteners

HCS has complete control of its molding and extruding, metal fabrication, specialty machine engineering and assembly operations for all of its products. As a direct result, HCS also has better control of its product manufacturing, overall product quality and product delivery.

HCS trash racks and trash rakers has models available in manual and automatic.