Cooling Tower Intake Screens (Non-Metallic)

HCS’s objective for this project was to provide a fine mesh screening system that would exclude ½” and larger debris from the cooling towers that were experiencing heavy debris and silt loading.

The intake is located in close proximity to the pumps preventing easy access to the area. This would require an extremely long reach for any crane to install and service these screens. Weight was a major factor in the design as it reduced the size and expense of the crane.

HCS provided the fine mesh screens consisting of pultruded FRP structural framework with ½” x 12 gauge 304 ss mesh.

The screens were built in two sections and were assembled in the HCS factory prior to shipment, resulting in minimal assembly time for the customer.

The use of pultruded FRP structural shapes allowed HCS to provide a frame capable of withstanding a five-foot head differential while weighing only a few thousand pounds.

A total of seven fine mesh screens were fabricated for this customer.

cooling tower intake screen

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