Cooling Tower Trash Racks and Flow Straghteners

Nuclear Power Plant - Illinois, 2000MW Capacity Case Study

The trash racks and flow straighteners were 19-feet deep by 16-feet wide with a clear spacing of 2 ¾”. Materials used in the fabrication and assembly of these units included: pultruded FRP structural components and HDPE blades.

The trash racks were shipped fully assembled and ready for installation. They came with lifting lugs so they could be lifted from the trailer and placed directly into the well. Each unit weighted less than 6,000 lbs. and is capable of five-foot differentials at flows in excess of 100,000 gpm.

The Nuclear Power Plant uses an open canal to return water to the cooling towers. The trash racks provide a coarse screening of debris which wash into the canal, as well as debris that grows in the canal. The pump hydrodynamics dictated flow correction which the 12-inch blades provided.

cooling-tower-trash-rack1     hydro component systems cooling-tower-trash-rack

hydro component systems cooling-tower-trash-rack

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