Fine Mesh Intake Screens

Victoria Texas Power Plant

The trash racks with frames for the Victoria Texas Power Plant were fabricated using HDPE for the blades, pultruded FRP structural members for the frames and 316 stainless steel for the hardware.

The screens are being used in a series of two so that one rack can be removed for cleaning while one rack is still in place to minimize downtime.

The racks were made of unitized construction to allow for easy installation and removal by lifting as one piece. They were designed to withstand a five-foot differential at a flow of 60,000 gpm.

There were a total of 12 racks at 12’4” tall by eight feet wide for the circulating water pumps.

All of the racks had a one-inch clear opening between the blades. This allowed an open area of approximately 75 percent.

These racks were shipped fully assembled and ready for installation from Watertown, WI to Victoria, TX.

fine-mesh-intake-screens1     fine-mesh-intake-screens2

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