Ron Kolb, DIVCON LLC, Contractor

“Working with Hydro Component Systems has been a wonderful experience. The company I work for, DIVCON, LLC, a diving marine installation company, purchased a total of three plastic trash racks for the Alcoa Power Plant on the Ohio River. We needed to find a more dependable and long-lasting trash rack for the power plant because the existing steel trash racks, originally installed in the 1970s, were deteriorating.

After finding HCS on the Internet we discussed with HCS what our specific needs were and how they could help in fulfilling those needs with their plastic trash rack. We even went on a tour with HCS personnel to see how their plastic trash racks are manufactured. HCS was very informative right from the beginning and answered all of our tough questions. Their customer service is second to none.

With the trash rack’s high quality and their affordable cost, it was easy to see that purchasing HCS trash racks was the perfect solution for us. We purchased our first HCS trash rack last year and because of its flawless performance, we bought two more.

The trash racks were easy to install as they were fully assembled when delivered. Because the HCS trash racks are resistant to marine growth fouling, we don’t have to worry about costly plant shutdowns. The HCS trash racks will never rust or corrode because the trash racks are constructed of materials that do not corrode. As an added bonus, very low maintenance is required for the trash racks.

Because of our great success with HCS’s trash racks, we’re now in the works to buy three more HCS trash racks for the Alcoa Power Plant.

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