Mike Pedersen, Kaukauna Utilities, Customer

“When my team and I at Kaukauna Utilities started working with Hydro Component Systems, it was a great experience from the start. We could tell right away HCS knew their product very well and they should, because they use their trash racks and trash rakers they manufacture every day, just like us. They worked hand-in-hand with us to customize both the trash racks and trash rakers we purchased from them to fit our specific needs exactly.

We bought our first electro-mechanical trash raker from HCS for our hydroelectric plant located in Little Chute, Wisconsin. It performed so well, we bought a second one shortly after for our hydro electric plant in Combined Locks, Wisconsin.

We’ve found the trash raker is easy to operate and handles a large capacity of debris. What’s even more convenient is that it's operational in all seasons in any kind of weather, which is a huge benefit with our unpredictable Wisconsin weather. The trash raker is easy to maintain.

HCS’s trash racks are just as impressive as the trash raker. We always used steel trash racks at the Rapid Croche plant in Buchanon, Wisconsin and the old trash racks were getting worn down. Our investment in our first HCS plastic trash rack has proven to be invaluable to us and there has been no rust or corrosion.

We tested the plastic trash rack for one year because we had never used a plastic trash rack before; we were unsure of its performance capabilities. Our test showed the HCS trash rack performed even better than our old steel trash rack. Unlike our old steel racks, it allowed our existing rake system to move up and down freely. We also found that during winter the plastic HCS trash rack did not have any frazil ice adhering to it or any anchor ice formation. We were always plagued with terrible frazil ice adhesion with our old steel racks.

With the great success of our plastic HCS trash rack test and HCS’s outstanding customer service, support and responsiveness, Kaukauna Utilities is now buying two more plastic HCS trash racks for the Kaukauna City Plant. We know HCS will always be there to adapt to our specific water intake needs.”

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