HCS Trash Rakers

Ideal for use in a variety of environments and industries, our trash rakers* provide excellent debris removal solutions for your specific water intake need. Our trash rakers* are easily adaptable to new or existing intakes.

HCS Trash Raker* Features

Offering a manually-controlled or fully automatic system, HCS produces the finest electro-mechanical trash rakers* to keep trash racks clean and functioning in any weather.

You have the option of controlling your HCS trash raker* two ways:

  • Using a handheld radio-controlled pendant at your water intake
  • Using a fully automatic system that can be activated at the water intake or from a remote location

Additional features of HCS Trash Racks include:

  • Easily adapted to any water intake system, new or existing
  • Quick cycle time
  • Positive trash raker* engagement
  • No hoses, reservoirs, or exposed cables
  • Simple operation
  • High load capacity
  • Keep trash racks clean in any weather
  • Easy to maintain

HCS tests all trash rakers* prior to shipment under full load conditions. This ensures ease of installation and many years of flawless operation.

HCS Trash Raker* Applications

  • Metallic or non-metallic trash racks
  • Intake Screens
  • Cooling water screens
  • Storm water overflows
  • Culvert and drainage underflows
  • Headworks
  • Flow straighteners
  • New or existing water intake trash rack system


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